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Seven Common Business Planning Mistakes

Seven Common Business Planning Mistakes Over the years, I have seen business owners make many of the same planning mistakes in their business documents.   This blog focuses on some of the most common mistakes I have seen.  Here are the top seven: Not having a good professional advisory team to help your business. Among other Read More

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What is Your Legacy?

What is Your Legacy? When you think of leaving a legacy, what do you think of?  The inheritance that you would like to pass on to your children?  A gift to your family’s church or your favorite charity that will continue on past your life time?  Perhaps the successful transfer of a family business to Read More

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Top 10 Things You Need to Know About Arizona’s New LLC Act

Top 10 Things You Need to Know About Arizona’s New LLC Act In Arizona, the Limited Liability Company Act was recently updated (“New Act”).  Especially for LLC’s with multiple members (other than married couples), I recommend that LLC owners meet with an attorney to discuss possible updates to their LLC documents.  Here are the top Read More

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Does My Business Go Through Probate if I Die?

For many of my clients who own businesses, their business is the largest asset in their estate. As a result, it is critical that this asset is properly transferred after their death. Several clients have asked me if their business or their interest in a business passes through probate if they die. The short answer Read More

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What is the Best Way to Pass On My Business if I Die?

For many of my clients who own businesses, their business is the largest asset in their estate. As a result, it is critical that this asset be properly transferred after their death. For businesses that have two or more owners, a buy-sell agreement can efficiently set forth the way the transfer will occur, and this Read More

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You Just Received an EEOC Complaint From a Disgruntled Employee . . . What Do You Do?

If you are a business owner, employee issues are inevitable. At some point, you will receive an EEOC complaint (or the state equivalent) from a disgruntled employee. Because these types of charges can have serious repercussions, including the possibility for large damage awards against your business, it is important to know your options and to Read More

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Spring Cleaning for Your Business?

Well, Spring has definitely sprung! And in Arizona, we skipped right past Spring and into Summer in about a week. I know that you probably do “Spring cleaning” at your house every year about this time, but when is the last time that you did “Spring cleaning” for the important legal documents in your business? Read More

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October 7 2014 Blog Post Business Buy Sell Agreement

Does My Business Need a Buy-Sell Agreement? In general, when my business clients ask me this question, I recommend that any business with more than one owner (other than married couples) should have a buy-sell agreement. As a result, if your business is currently operating with two or more non-related co-owners, I recommend that you Read More

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Why Your Business Formation Documents Are So Important

Are Your Business Formation Documents Up To Date? Whether you are setting up your own business for the first time or have been in business for many years, it is important to understand the different documents that are necessary for your business entity to stay in good standing and how to keep those documents up Read More

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Create a road map for your business

From the Family Business Institute about business succession planning: “88% of current family business owners believe the same family or families will control their business in five years, but succession statistics undermine this belief.  Only about 30% of family businesses survive into the second generation. 12% are still viable in the third generation, and only Read More

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