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How Do I Plan for Incapacity?

With Alzheimer’s and dementia becoming more and more prevalent these days, more and more clients are asking me how to plan for incapacity in case they develop one of these devastating diseases. In addition, you may have your documents in place to plan for an incapacity, but your parents or other loved ones may need Read More

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What Am I Supposed To Do as the Trustee of a Trust?

After someone passes away, there are several things that a trustee needs to do to make sure that a trust is administered properly. In order that the successor trustee doesn’t miss any steps, I always recommend seeking the advice of an experience attorney to assist them in the process. In addition, I recommend that successor Read More

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What is the Best Way to Pass On My Business if I Die?

For many of my clients who own businesses, their business is the largest asset in their estate. As a result, it is critical that this asset be properly transferred after their death. For businesses that have two or more owners, a buy-sell agreement can efficiently set forth the way the transfer will occur, and this Read More

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Do I Need a Living Trust?

When I meet with clients, I get asked this question all the time. In general, there are lots of great reasons for having a living trust, but trusts are not for everyone, and you will need to examine your personal situation to make sure that a trust makes sense for you and your family. Is Read More

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Are There Different Types of Probate?

After a loved one dies, the biggest question that the family has is: “Do we need to go through a probate?” This leads to the next question, which is: “Are there different types of probate?” In Arizona, there are essentially three different ways of administering an estate: (1) small estate affidavit for small estates; (2) Read More

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You Just Received an EEOC Complaint From a Disgruntled Employee . . . What Do You Do?

If you are a business owner, employee issues are inevitable. At some point, you will receive an EEOC complaint (or the state equivalent) from a disgruntled employee. Because these types of charges can have serious repercussions, including the possibility for large damage awards against your business, it is important to know your options and to Read More

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When Does Dad Need a Guardian or Conservator?

Sometimes I get asked this question when a client’s mom or dad has dementia or Alzheimer’s. This blog discusses when a guardian or conservator is necessary and ways that you and your family can plan for incapacity in order to avoid the need to go to court if this ever happens. Key Definitions First, it Read More

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How Often Should I Update My Will or Trust?

After my clients have signed their wills or trusts, they usually ask me how often they need to have them reviewed and possibly updated. In general, the answer varies depending on the complexity of their estate and other factors in their family. However, I generally tell people that it is a good idea to have Read More

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Estate Planning For The Business Owner

For many of my clients who own businesses, their business is the largest asset in their estate.  Yet, many of them fail to plan for this important asset.  For family-owned businesses, there is generally one simple choice that the owners must face regarding their business – should we pass the business onto our children or Read More

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Is Probate Ever a Good Thing?

As most of you already know, generally speaking, I recommend that my clients draft their estate planning documents to avoid probate after a loved one has passed away. With proper planning, it is possible to draft documents that will allow you and your family to avoid probate in almost every situation. As I have stated Read More

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  • "Once I made my initial call to Mr. Even‘s office I never looked back – great decision! His staff is courteous, caring and efficient. Mr. Even is professional, highly knowledgeable, good listener and adviser. I highly recommend Mr. Even. It is a privilege to have him on my team!"  -Trusts & Estates May 14, 2018

  • "John is an excellent wordsmith, and did a great job of putting my thoughts, ideas, and issues into a clear legal document. I have known and worked with him for 25 years on business issues, including business purchases, of two companies and then selling them for retirement. He is also a delightful person to work with and has an excellent group of to-workers."  -Estate Planning May 3, 2018

  • "He was willing to spend time explaining things."  -Estate Planning February 24, 2018

  • "We were referred to John by a neighbor and, frankly, couldn’t be happier with the responsiveness and quality of service. The estate planning services we’ve received in the past pale in comparison. Very, very pleased with the process and breadth of estate planning John provided."  -Trust & Estates October 10, 2017

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